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Speaking Practice Page

Page history last edited by Barry Bakin 14 years, 8 months ago

Use this page to practice speaking!  For each assignment, you will record yourself answering a question or doing some other task. You can see instructions at the bottom of the page,after the assignments!




Thursday,June 4, 2009 - What topic did you choose to write about for the "Cluster Diagram" writing project? Don't forget to include your name!




Instructions for recording your response and sending it to me!


1) In the "AUDIO DROP BOX" that you see below each assignment, click in the box where it says "your name," type your NAME and click "OK".


2) Click "Allow"


3) Click on the "Record" button (red circle in button).

4) Start talking! (the "Recording Level" meter will turn red and show you that you're recording your voice.


5) When you're finished talking, click the "stop" button (blue square in button).

6) To listen to your recording, click on the "play" button (blue triangle in button).

7) If you don't like your recording, click the record button and start speaking again! (The "old" recording will be erased.)


8) If you like your recording, click on the green check mark to save and send me your recording!



9) You will see this notice after your recording is sent! If you think you made a mistake, you can click "Begin Again."




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